Self Ticketing

Minster Baywatch can provide you with a licence to issue Parking Charge Notices (PCN’s) under our name. This allows you to control and deter drivers of unauthorised vehicles parking on your property.

Your PCNs are issued by you or your authorised agent (site manager, security personnel etc).

Minster Baywatch supply all the required signage and consumables. Please note that signage must be prominently displayed clearly informing vehicle drivers of the conditions or limitations of parking on your property. Before purchasing any of our Self Ticketing Systems you confirm to read and abide by the BPA Code Of Practice.

Minster Baywatch’s Self Ticketing System is a highly effective way to control your car parking.

The Benefits

  • A rapid, informed, on the spot response to unauthorised parking by you or your designated staff member
  • You can cancel any PCN if you choose to
  • All correspondence to and from the driver and / or registered keeper of the offending vehicle is dealt with by Minster Baywatch
  • You can choose to monitor the progress of issued tickets through your private connection to our on line back office system
For larger or bespoke car parks please call 01904 612 277